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Darts Coaching

Something we get asked a lot is can you take a look at my throw and offer me your advice and guidance, well this is something i have not looked to do since i started coaching as i always feel when you have the player in front of you, that you can get a better judgement on how the player is doing with their mechanics but now i have decided to offer this service to players who wish to have their throw looked over by a Qualified JDC Level 1 darts coach.

What do I need for this, WELL

What you will need is a camera, your phone will possibly do the job for this mostly, or get someone to film this for you. Ideally, film in portrait but Landscape is fine as long as i can see your throwing arm and i will also need to see your feet in the video from the front so i can view your approach to the oche.

  • I need you throwing 9 darts from the side view, aiming at the 20's section of the board

  • I need you throwing 9 darts from the side view, aiming at the 19's section of the board

  • film yourself from the front throwing 9 darts, so ideally the camera will be under the dartboard but high up, or to the side, If you can show your feet' position at the oche also this would be great

Please note the turnaround time for this can be up to 5 working days, but I try and get them back to you within 3 days.

You will need to send your videos to me via WeTransfer, or on Whatsapp, once payment has been completed I will send you the email address and number to send the videos across to me.

Once I have the video I will break it down and show you where I feel you can improve on your throw as well as what tips and advice I would suggest in a video that i will send back to you via either WeTransfer or WhatsApp depending on the video size.

Get the best from darts coaching

Once we have your video we will look it over and then send you a small video back over a few minutes long which will have our advice as well as some guides where we think you can look to tweak your mechanics to get more from your darts throw.

I wont say what i put in the video will instantly change your game but if you put into practice what we talk about and you commit and apply purpose in your practice sessions we would hope you will see some results.

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