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SWR Darts Coaching Here at SWR Darts Coaching, we help players of all ages and abilities and we realise that new junior players aged between 6-10 can sometimes not be at the level of hitting big scores or they may be new to the game and just need help with the basics and guidance on the board and this is what this routine is aimed at. In the PDF you will get after purchase there are 7 games for you to play with your young player and help them understand some of the basics of playing darts and give them structure to a practice routine and schedule and not just throwing darts at the board and trying to get a score. At the back of this PDF you can also track your scores along the way with games and this way your little darts player can see their progress they are making. Again this is aimed at NEW players aged between 6-10 who are just getting into the game, we have had feedback on this routine and we have tried our best to make it as fun as possible so they want to come back and keep playing session after session. The games are set up in a structure so that your little darts player can play them 3 times a week and watch their progress over the course of 6 weeks. Any questions please feel free to email me on

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